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For eight years, Meduza has delivered reliable information about Russia and the rest of the world. Our reporting has become vital for millions of people in Russia, Ukraine, and beyond.

The Kremlin is only increasing its pressure on our work. In just the last 18 months, the Russian authorities labeled us “foreign agents,” our journalists had to flee the country in the face of criminal prosecution, and we lost our income streams — twice. And then the government tried to block our website.

But the Putin regime has failed:

  • 9,000,000 readers, every month
  • Telegram: 1,300,000 subscribers
  • Instagram: 1,000,000 followers
  • Twitter: 1,500,000 followers
  • iOS and Android: 1,500,000 downloads
  • YouTube: 500,000 subscribers

And this isn’t even counting the listeners and readers who consume our best-in-class podcasts and newsletters.

Most of our audience is still in Russia. With your support, we can simply ignore the Kremlin's censorship attempts.

Just how are we reaching people inside Russia? We use a mix of high-end and honestly quite old-school techniques, including censorship-circumventing tech in our apps, publishing on multiple platforms (including those still accessible in Russia), and we’re even working in PDFs. Yes, our readers can save portable versions of the articles they want to share; they can even print them out. In fact, PDFs present an opportunity to spread vital information among readers’ friends and relatives.

Millions of people inside Russia read Meduza but have virtually zero options to support our work. Now that transferring money from Russia to Europe is impossible, Meduza’s journalism is feasible only with the support of our international audience.

And we have something to offer our international audience, too! Meet Meduza in English. Breaking news from Russia and Ukraine, carefully packaged feature stories, a visually stunning Instagram feed, daily and weekly newsletters, a podcast, and more.

Our latest product is called The Beet: once a week, subscribers receive a feature story, report, or essay about Central or Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, or Central Asia. The Beet's editor, Eilish Hart, commissions stories from freelance journalists and interviews experts about the society, politics, and culture in these often-underreported regions without centering Moscow, the “West,” or passing trends.

We are working hard to help millions. You can join us on this mission.

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