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The Russian authorities have designated Meduza as a “foreign agent,” blocked our website, shattered our crowdfunding inside Russia, and banished our journalists. Even now, they threaten to lock up our reporters. Despite all this, Meduza remains Russia’s biggest independent news source with millions of readers across the country.

Our app can circumvent Russian censorship. Our freelance correspondents continue to report from on the ground using guerilla tactics. The state’s pressure and threats haven’t intimidated a single journalist at Meduza.

It seemed impossible, but we’ve done it. And throughout it all, we’ve told the truth about the war. This honesty is precisely why the Russian authorities outlawed Meduza in January 2023. Our readers and anyone involved in our reporting can be imprisoned for things as basic as granting us an interview or simply posting hyperlinks to our articles. Of course, the most severe punishment is reserved for those who support Meduza financially.

That’s why your support — the support of Meduza’s global audience — is now essential. We need your participation to keep doing our jobs. Meduza’s devoted professionals are in the field and at their desks every day, working for the future of a free Russia and a strong, independent Ukraine.

The Kremlin wants to destroy Meduza. It’s failed many times, and it will fail again. So long as we have friends, we’re not going anywhere. And our readers are the friends we need now.

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Если у вас российское гражданство, или вы живете в России, или даже просто собираетесь ездить туда, подумайте о своей безопасности перед тем, как оформить пожертвование «Медузе». Российские власти преследуют тех, кто нам помогает.

Please, think about your safety before you support Meduza. If you’re a Russian citizen, or you live in Russia or even plan to visit the country, please consider your personal safety before donating to Meduza. The Russian authorities prosecute those who support our work.

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