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Meduza needs your help to continue its mission: preserving access to trustworthy information about developments in Russia. It’s more important now than ever to understand how these events will affect the country and — unfortunately — the rest of the world.

We came to Europe and launched Meduza in 2014, shortly after the Kremlin annexed Crimea. From day one, we’ve believed in free and open access to reporting by Russia’s brightest independent journalists.

And it worked! For seven years, we’ve been building a sustainable independent outlet without paywalls or restricted access.

In 2021, however, Russia’s already unfavorable conditions for independent journalism got much worse. In just the past year, Meduza has faced escalating challenges:

  • The Russian authorities designated us as a “foreign agent,” chasing away all of our advertising partners.
  • To offset these losses, we mounted a successful crowdfunding campaign among Russian readers.
  • Following the February invasion of Ukraine, we had to move all of our Russia-based journalists abroad because of the risk of criminal prosecution.
  • We lost all crowdfunding in Russia when transferring money from Russia to Europe became impossible.
  • Finally, Russia’s federal censor started blocking Russians’ access to our website.

Despite all this, Meduza persists. Every day, millions of people from Russia and other countries read our news coverage. Even though they’re now based abroad, our journalists obtain exclusive information about what goes on behind the closed doors of the Russian authorities. In English, our team delivers Meduza’s most important stories and reaches thousands of journalists and professionals all over the world with a special newsletter and podcast.

Our ability to sustain this work relies on you, our readers living outside of Russia. We need 33,000 supporters to pledge recurring donations to continue our mission: helping our millions of readers to maintain access to reliable information about Russia and its actions in this monstrous war.

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